The Prince Of Wales Management Board


Board Members: Left to Right-Graham Harvey, Travis Eldstrom, Ryan Biletski, Pat Grondin, Geraldine Ruzicka, Renee Clermont, Laurie Stianson


A center designed to inspire the diverse art, business, culture, and recreation within our community.​


Promoting a positive, vibrant, and inclusive district.
To continuously meet the changing needs and expectations of the community both now and in the future.
To provide a center that increases participation in civic life to the community through opportunities in various activities, businesses, and events.


Respectful, honest, and open.
Innovative, professional, and accountable.
Collaborative, inclusive and environmentally conscious.
Promote a welcoming, suitably equipped and resources center for our community.
Provide space for a diverse range of accessible programs/activities recognized by people from all backgrounds.
A board responsive to current and emerging community needs.
A financially stable and sustainable board with high standards of governance.
A board that advocates and supports social and environmental values and initiatives promoting community well-being for all.


Box 277
201 - 3rd Ave W
Assiniboia, SK
S0H 0B0